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Getting Fit Again – Easier Than You Might Think!

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An upright exercise bike is a great piece of fitness equipment as it provides a great workout irrespective of your fitness level, time of day, or the weather condition outside. However, if you are looking for a good stationary bike for your home-based exercise program, you will certainly need to know which ones offer the best value for money and the best features.

A stationary bike is the most ideal piece of equipment for those people who, for one reason or another, may not be able to handle an impact based exercise. As a matter of fact, a stationary bike is the best form of exercise to start with for a person who is overweight. This is because the weight of such a person may not allow him or her to handle the strain on the joints if he or she chooses to walk on a treadmill or stand on an elliptical.

Another great thing with stationary bikes is that you can exercise while watching your television, listening to music, or doing something else.

Exercise Bike Benefits

Exercise Bike BenefitsWith the high cost of joining health clubs and the busy schedules people have nowadays, most people are looking for good exercise equipment to help them workout at home. In addition, many people are not comfortable working in public places, and therefore they prefer working out at home. A good stationary bike can help you get a good workout at home without necessarily joining a health club.
Here below are some of the advantages of using this type of fitness equipment:

  • They are quite easy to use even if you haven’t ridden any type of bike for a long time.
  • They help increase stamina.
  • They help build leg strength.
  • They help provide an excellent cardiovascular exercise irrespective of your fitness level.
  • It is very convenient especially if you have a busy schedule.
  • It is generally safe to use so long as you follow basic safety rules

Buying Considerations

There are a number of factors that you need to consider before buying your upright exercise bike. They include the following:

The type of rider you are: If you like outdoor cycling, a stationary bike may not be ideal for you.

How frequently do you intend to use your stationery bike? How often you will be using your bike will determine the durability and sturdiness of the bike you will require. If you prefer to sleep all day you probably don’t need a bike at all, but if you want a bike to use on a daily basis, be prepared to buy a high quality bike that can withstand a lot of intense use. In addition, it should ideally come with a lot of pre-programmed options.

Stability: You need to buy a bike that has good stability so that you don’t tip while riding it. Heavier stationery bikes are much sturdier and are less likely to tip.

Look for a bike with covered wheel and chain: Bikes that don’t have these features are not safe, especially for children. The ones that have the wheel and chain covered protect you and your children from sustaining injuries due to getting caught in the mechanisms.

Consider the types of feature you want: Stationary bikes come with several different features. For this reason it is important to be sure about the specific features that you want. Some of the basic features include:

* Adjustable seats,
* Foot pedals of good sizes that work for all foot sizes,
* Varied resistance levels.

Some types of bikes come with additional features including heart rate monitors, LCD displays, water bottle holders, pre-set programs, and some more others. In addition, they come with varying seat sizes, but you can always have your seat changed if you are comfortable with it.
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