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A Luxury Guide to Dressing Room Essentials

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If you’re lucky enough to have your very own dedicated dressing room at home, you should be ready to take advantage of the space. Knowing how to furnish and equip your special room is key to getting the best use out of it.

Like a bedroom with a luxurious mattress, a dressing room should be luxurious as well. A space dedicated to pampering and beauty – and with that in mind, we’re bringing you the best luxury essentials to take your room to the next level.

Beautiful Furniture

No dressing room would be complete without a full-length free-standing mirror. How else are you going to be able to see the full effect of your latest new outfit? Your mirror need not only be functional, it can also be thing of beauty in its own right, conjuring up the days of Hollywood glamor. A lovely wooden framed mirror with delicate carved details is a wonderful way to exude luxury from your space.

A vanity table is another essential for your dressing room. Is there any piece of boudoir furniture with such a long and illustrious history? Finding one that matches your mirror is the ideal solution for a cohesive look, or why not opt for a vintage piece that bring the beauty of a bygone era back into your home?

A matching stool or chair is one further item that simply must be added to your dressing room. How else are you going to apply your makeup? A retro-style stool which matches your vanity would be perfect, or why not go for a luxuriously upholstered chair, with soft and plush fabrics such as velvet or silk?

The Perfect Accessories

Once your room has been furnished, you need to equip it with all the essential accessories. The very first item you need to invest in has to be a gorgeous beauty box or vanity case to sit on your vanity table. Designed to hold your jewelry and cosmetics, a beautiful wooden beauty box is the ideal way to store your items out of sight in a case that is a work of art in its own right. If you can find a vintage box, so much the better, with beautiful lacquer or carved details.

A lamp is another key accessory to add to your room. Not only do you need to see your reflection in all its glory, but you also need to create the right mood and atmosphere through the clever use of ambient lighting. An elegant floor lamp or an ornate table lamp such as these to sit on your vanity would be perfect, or perhaps you’d prefer to reflect your inner actress with a vanity mirror decorated with light bulbs in the true Broadway style.

The Essential Appliances

Now we come to the fun bit – what appliances do you need to create the look you’ve been dreaming of? Of course a hairdryer is an absolute must. There’s nothing worse than having a bad hair day! A pair of quality straighteners such as those suggested by Hair Straightener Studio is also absolutely vital for any lady with less than perfectly straight hair. For women who would prefer to go for the naturally tousled look, some wide barrelled curling irons are another essential and, on a more personal note, a lady shaver to deal with unwanted hair is another key item to tuck away in your vanity table drawer.

Adding the Finishing Touches

Now your special room is furnished and equipped, it’s time for the perfect finishing touches. A quality set of makeup brushes, a decorative hand mirror and hairbrush set and perhaps a pretty jewelry box to hold all your most treasured necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Your dressing room will be the luxurious and beautiful space you’ve always dreamed of!