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Fire Safety At Your Fingertips, With the First Alert SA710CN

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Of all unfortunate things that can befall your humble abode, a fire is probably the most devastating. Hence you need a solid fire detection and alarm system to detect if there is a chance for a fire and nip the situation in the bud.Smoke Alarm

The First Alert SA710CN Smoke Alarm with Photoelectric Sensor is one such smoke detector that you would like to keep inside your house. It uses photoelectric sensors which tend to be more accurate and cause less number of false alarms. It is a small unit that can be installed in the ceiling or the wall as per your needs.

The beauty of this system is that its sensors are more environment-friendly as well. If you are worried about your carbon footprint, this is no doubt the sensor that you will choose. It is small in size hence it will not interfere with your home d├ęcor.

The unit is powered by 9 volt batteries which come included with the system. It has a low battery warning letting you know when to replace the batteries. A button is provided to test if the system is working correctly or not. There is not much more you can expect from a simple yet effective fire detector that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

See Home Security View for more information.

Memory Foam Mattresses – Costly But Long Lasting

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If you compare the pricing of memory foam mattresses to spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses are certainly the costlier lot. But, they also get top rated reviews.Memory Foam Mattresses

Spring mattresses are cheaper for obvious reasons, their manufacturing techniques are very basic. Memory foam mattresses, however, make up for this handicap with longer warranty periods. Foam mattresses with 20 year warranty are pretty common. If you use them carefully, you can sleep on them for years to come.

Keeping The Body Cool While Sleeping

The first versions of memory foam mattresses sometimes heated up the body too much while sleeping. But the newer foam mattresses have started to use patented technology to maintain airflow while sleeping which takes care of the overheating problem quite efficiently.

Apart from all these benefits, memory foam mattresses are manufactured from non-hazardous bio elements which reduce their carbon footprints to a large extent. If you are worried about the environment, memory foam mattresses are the best bet.